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Udaya Kumar Udayakumar Mathivanan was born on January 10th (year is highly secret, he is afraid that it may lead to the lose of some of his girlfriends) in Tamilnadu, India. His all-time male role model Bill Gates was an inspiration while Udayakumar was growing up, but he didnít let that stop him from achieving his goals. He was especially interested in Computer System Programming, Graphics and Gaming oriented development. Luckily, his parents encouraged those interests. That encouragement drove him to excel. He graduated from high school at 16! Then he earned degrees in computer science engineering and later got settled in the IT industry and started his career as a Software Engineer. Soon after, no obstacle was too great for Uday to overcome!

Udayís accomplishments did not end there he thought .NET and SharePoint would be a revolution in the industry and started to prepare for the invaluable certifications from Microsoft which is most highly regarded in the software industry. Currently he has MCP and MCTS certifications on .NET and SharePoint technologies including the latest SharePoint 2010.  He is presently working as a SharePoint Architect for Symphony Services and works with several reputed clients across the world including some of the giants like Sony, JP Morgan, Infosys and Microsoft. He thinks knowledge is not something which somebody owns; instead it should be spread and shared with others. He also has a blog ( and writes articles on SharePoint and .NET along with other Microsoft technologies. He is an active member of the Bangalore .NET user group ( and writes lots of articles. He is also an active member of TechNet and MSDN forums.

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