Configure SharePoint Forms Based Authentication to use SQL user accounts

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This article outlines how to configure SharePoint Forms Based Authentication (FBA) to use user accounts stored in an SQL database, typically used on a SharePoint Extranet.


Configure the User and Role Store

First we need to configure a database to store our users in. The easiest was to do this is via the Asp.Net 2.0 Framework

  1. Go to a command prompt, Start -> Run -> CMD <enter>
  2. Change to the Asp.Net Framework directory, "cd c:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727" <enter>
  3. Run the Asp.Net SQL Server Setup Wizard by typing aspnet_regsql in the command prompt followed by <enter>
  4. Click Next on the Wizard
  5. Select the default option Configure SQL Server for application services then click Next
  6. Enter the Server name and the name of the Database you want to create, then click Next
  7. Finally click Next to accept your settings
  8. The Wizard will take a few seconds to complete before displaying the final page. Click Finish to close the wizard.
  9. Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and confirm your new database has been created.

Tip: Make sure the user account running your SharePoint Application Pool has access to the database above.

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