Configure SharePoint Forms Based Authentication to use SQL user accounts

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Prepare the Authentication Provider

Now we need to configure the Authentication Provider to use Forms based authentication. This is done via SharePoint Central Administration.

  1. Browse to SharePoint Central Administration
  2. Select the Application Management tab
  3. Under the Application Security section select Authentication Providers
  4. Select the appropriate Web Application which you want to allow FBA for.
  5. Click the appropriate Zone you would like to change, only Default is shown below.
  6. Scroll down to the Authentication Type section and change the Authentication Type to Forms
  7. Scroll down to Membership Provide Name and enter the name of your Membership provider, this must match the name in your web.config you previously configured..

Note the Enable Anonymous access check box. This one of two settings you need to change to allow anonymous access to part of your site. You might want to do this to present a custom logon form. Read my tip on Enabling Anonymous Access to learn more.

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