How To Effectively Use SharePoint List Views - Part 3 (Grouping and Summarizing)

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In a SharePoint List, sometimes you need to display information in groups and perform mathematical operations like sum, averages and others. For instance, what if you want to see the total monthly salary paid to employees for an individual department?


SharePoint List Views provide features like "Group by" and "Totals" in order to show advanced results.

I have created a sample employee list which contains basic employee information like name, id, age, department and salary.

For a summation of salary, click on the "Modify this View" at the top right near the view name, "EmployeeView" in our case.

Move to the "Totals" area.

All column names will be listed on which mathematical operations can be performed. You can perform different mathematical calculations like Average, Maximum, Minimum and others. For our case, Select "Sum" in the Total column next to "Salary".

Click on "OK" and now you will be able to see the total of salary for all departments.

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