How To Send A Document Link In Email Using SharePoint Designer 2007

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Targeted email notification is a basic need in today's business process automation. Using SharePoint workflow, this can be achieved using SharePoint Designer 2007 with MOSS 2007 (or WSS3) whenever a document is uploaded. The content of the email can be improved by including a link in the body of the email to the document item in process.


SharePoint Designer Workflow provides a special property named "Encode Absolute Url" which provides the link to the document (or item) that has been created, changed, and/or uploaded.

In this article, we will see how to use this property to send the document link to the user.

Using SharePoint Designer 2007, create a workflow on a Document Library and make sure it will be triggered "When a new item is created".

In Actions, select "Send an Email". Define to whom the email should be sent to in the "To" box. Provide a meaningful subject.

Now type "<a href=>View Document</a>". It is html code for creating a hyperlink. Now move cursor beside "href=".Click on "Add Lookup to Body".

A box will appear with source and field options. In source make sure "Current Item" is selected and in the Field dropdown, choose "Encode Absolute URL".

Click "OK" and the email content should look something similar to the image below.

Click "OK" again and finish the workflow.

Now upload any content to the library and you will get an mail to the provided email address in the "To" box.

Click on "View Document" in the email and the document will open with the provided credentials.

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