SQL Server Reporting Services Integration with SharePoint

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Windows Service Identity

Windows Service Identity manages the security account under which the Report Server service runs. By default, this service runs under the NT Authority\Network Service account. You might want to use a domain account instead of a built-in account.

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Web Service Identity Configuration

The Web Service Identity Configuration is set by default with the ASPNET Account. But we can configure this account by setting the identity account of the Application pool on the IIS.

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Next is setting up the database for the Report Server. Here we need to set a database for storing report snapshots and rdl files (secondary storage for SharePoint Integrated mode). Also, set the Server Mode to SharePoint Integrated Mode.

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After applying this step, all the required sections will be configured as shown in the above step.

After the configuration of reporting services in SharePoint Integrated Mode, we need to update the Reporting Services Integration in SharePoint Central Administration. On the Application management tab of Central Admin we can find the “Reporting Services” section. Under this section go to the “Manage integration settings” and give the Report Server URL .

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