Permissions for SharePoint 'People or Group' Field Types

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Even with complete read and write access to a SharePoint list or library with a 'People or Group' field type, the user gets the message "The control is not available because you do not have the correct permissions". This puzzled me for a few minutes, but soon I had the solution...


I remembered that the People or Group field was using a SharePoint Group to limit the choices and display a pick list for the user.


When I checked the HR Approvers group setup...

(Click "Settings", then "Group Settings.)

...I noticed that only Group Members "can view the membership of the group".

This is the option chosen by default when creating new groups. In most cases, this is certainly a fine choice. But in this case, when the group is being used as a lookup for a SharePoint field, some thought needs to occur in setting this up correctly.

After changing this to "Everyone"... 

...the user was able to use the field normally.


When using a SharePoint group as a source to the People and Groups field type in SharePoint, check to make sure all users that might be using the list or library have access to the specified SharePoint group.


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