Automating your SharePoint 2010 Installation

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Option 3

Finally, an even more elegant option is to use AutoSPInstaller. Brian Lalancette (twitter @brianlala) has done all the work in collecting scripts, tips, and other information from various sources and has put together a very nice script. You just unzip the package into your existing SharePoint installation source (I recommend copying/extracting your SharePoint DVD/CD/ISO to a network share) and edit an XML file. Then, you simply run “launch.bat” and away it goes.

Unlike the other two options, when you’re done here, you have all the essential services you need (Managed Metadata, User Profile, Search, Secure Store, Web Analytics, and more). You can configure it NOT to install one or all of these (for example, Web Analytics). Additionally, it can create a Web Application with a site collection and even your My Site host.

Best of all, since you’re specifying your database names, they’re clean without GUIDs!

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