Checking for broken links in SharePoint

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Fixing hyperlinks

To get to this function in either SharePoint Designer 2007 or 2010, you have to open a page in the editor. So, select a page in the site and open it. As always, if you select a page linked to a page layout on a publishing site, you will be prompted to open the attached page layout. If prompted, don't check out the page or page layout (unless you actually intend to modify it).

In SharePoint Designer 2007, select Hyperlinks from the Task Panes menu. In SharePoint Designer 2010, in the page editor, select the View tab, then from the Task Panes drop-down, select Hyperlinks.

SharePoint Designer task panes menu

By default, it will only show external hyperlinks. If you want to see internal links as well, select the bottom icon on the left.

Option to show internal hyperlinks

You can then use the check option at the top on the left to verify the hyperlinks.

Verify hyperlinks dialog with options to verify unknown or all links

Screen showing all links OK

If you can see a hyperlink that needs to be fixed or changed, right click it and select Edit Hyperlink...

Edit hyperlink dialog

You have the ability to fix a hyperlink that is used in many pages in one operation. Note that you will prompted if required to check out pages to be modified, and you will need to check them back in again when finished.

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