How the Recycle Bin Works in SharePoint

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The Site Collection's Recycle Bin has two views:

The End User Recycle Bin Items view displays all the contents of all the recycle bins of all the sites under that particular site collection as shown below:

The Deleted From End-User Recycle Bin view displays all the items which have been deleted from the sites' recycle bins and now exist in the site collection recycle bin. In either of these views, you can select the items and click on Restore Selection to restore items to their original location.


  • To configure Recycle Bin settings, you need to be a member of the Farm Administrators SharePoint group.
  • The Recycle Bin is specific to a site and the user who deletes the items. In other words, each sub-site has its own Recycle Bin apart from a top level Site Collection Recycle Bin. Also a client who deletes an item will be able to see it in the site's Recycle Bin (no other clients will be able to see it), but at the Site Collection Recycle Bin level all the items deleted are shown.
  • The total retention period applies to both times spent in site's recycle bin and Site Collection recycle bin, in other words how long items remain in both the Recycle Bins together. For example, by default it is 30 days, in this case if an item stays for 20 days in site's recycle bin and then is moved to Site Collection recycle bin then after 10 days it will be removed permanently.
  • When you disable the Recycle Bin feature, all the items existing in it will be removed permanently.

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