Roll Your Own Multilevel Navigation Tree with SharePoint Designer

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SharePoint security trimmed navigation like Global and Current Navigation and the Quicklaunch (where objects and links only appear to a user when they have permission access) are great features. But at times these are limiting (i.e. cannot do multilevel nesting out of the box). Sometimes I don't care about security trimming and I just want to have a plain old multilevel navigation tree without having to download some 3rd party javascript (that is usually nasty to maintain). 


SharePoint Designer to the rescue!

Yes, you can make a multi level navigation tree menu with (out of the box) tools built into SharePoint Designer.

Briefly, we will make a document library to store my code, use SharePoint Designer to create an aspx file with a multi level tree menu, then use a Page Viewer Web Part to display the menu on one or more web site home pages.

Here's how to do it in SharePoint 2010 with SharePoint Designer 2010.

Create a Document Library to store the code for your menu.

From the "Site Actions" menu, click "New Document Library".


Give your library a name. Navigation is not warranted. Version History is optional. A Document Template is not needed.

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