Creating and Deploying a Custom Login Page for SharePoint 2010 Forms Based Authentication

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Step 1:

Create a new project type “Empty SharePoint Project” in Visual Studio 2010 as showed below:

Provide a Project name and Press “OK”. You will be prompted with a Wizard to specify the SharePoint site where you want to deploy the custom login page. You can validate the site URL to ensure that your site is fine to deploy in this solution. Remember that you have to choose Deploy as Server Farm solution instead of deploying as a sandboxed solution (default selected as below). Otherwise you will get an error when you deploy the solution:

 “The deployment type "TemplateFile" of file "CustomLogin.aspx" in the Project Item "Layouts" is not compatible with a Package in a Sandboxed Solution”. Because Layout is root place to deploy in SharePoint server farm which is mapped {SharePointRoot}\Template\Layouts.

So you will select Deploy as Server Farm solution after validation of the site URL.

Then "Click to Finish” and the project creation should be successful.

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