How to maintain litigation hold on single document in SharePoint 2010

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Editor's Note:
This is the first of a two part series on the Hold and eDiscovery feature in SharePoint. The second part deals with scanning an entire site or set of sites for a particular document type. Look for it soon.


In many enterprises, there are some documents which should not be edited because they are under litigation hold, so they can not be accessed by any normal user of the enterprise application.


SharePoint 2010 has a feature called Hold and eDiscovery which facilitates the setting of a specific document or set of documents under hold. This particular document/set of documents which is put under hold, could only be modified when the hold is released by the appropriate authority. In this article, we will concentrate on how to put a litigation hold on a specific document. First, we need to activate the  "Hold and eDiscovery" feature from Site Actions->Site Settings->Manage Site Features.

After activating the feature, we could see a new category in the site settings page of "Hold and eDiscovery". In order to define a hold for a specific document, we need to create a hold record in the Holds list which would authorize a specific user to put a document on hold.

Click on Holds->Add new item.

A dialog box will appear where we need to fill in the title, description and authorized user details.

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