How to maintain litigation hold on criteria based content in SharePoint 2010

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Editor's Note:
The is the second article of a two part series on the SharePoint document "Hold and eDiscovery" feature. If you haven't read the first part, you can do so here.


Many enterprises have data which should be put under litigation hold. But we recently came across a requirement where an enterprise had a criteria or filtration parameter for content that was to be put under litigation hold. For instance, every document (of docx type) should be put under a hold in a region site in order to avoid critical data inconsistency.


SharePoint 2010 has a feature called "discover and hold content" under the "hold and ediscovery category" which facilitates the setting of documents under hold depending upon the search query provided. We have previously showed on how to activate the "Hold and eDiscovery" feature and how to create a hold rule in Holds List. For our current scenario, I have uploaded multiple documents in a SharePoint Document Library.

Go to Site Actions->Site Settings->Hold and eDsicovery->Discover and hold content

Here, we need to provide three main pieces of information: 
  1. Search Criteria: We need to mention appropriate site names where we want to search. We also need to provide a query which will find data from the target site. The query has unique syntax which can be found at the "Learn More..." link. For our purposes, I enter "filetype:docx" under "Enter one or more search items into the box below". "filetype:docx" would find all the files that have a docx extension in the target site.
  2. Local Hold or Export: We can select to keep hold documents locally or move it to some other location where the enterprise can store hold documents in a special area. In our case, I will leave it as is.
  3. Relevant Hold: This is the hold rule that we have created in the Holds List. Select an appropriate hold.

After performing all the stes above, click "Add results to hold".

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