Health Analyzer in SharePoint 2010

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As a SharePoint Administrator you always wanted to have something in place which alerts you about the running issues or potential problems in your farm. SharePoint 2010 has come up with an 'out of the box' Health Analyzer feature which alerts you about the potential problems, and the locations where they occurred, the cause and how to resolve these issues. Let's explore it more.


SharePoint 2010 has a new feature called the Health Analyzer which regularly checks (on a defined schedule) for potential security, performance, configuration and usage related problems. The Health Analyzer reports the issue with a detailed explanation, where it exists and what can be done to get rid of that issue, etc. In some cases the Health Analyzer itself can repair the issue and inform the SharePoint administrator about it.

For example there might be a case when database indices are highly fragmented or statistics are outdated or a database has large amounts of unused space. In those cases, you can set Health Analyzer to automatically repair those issues when it finds them.

Out of the box, SharePoint 2010 has 60+ health rule definitions (categorized under four different categories: Security, Performance, Configuration and Availability) which dictate what to monitor, where to monitor, severity of the issue, etc.

The Health Analyzer runs these rules on their defined schedules (using timer jobs) and reports the problems if there are any (and also stores the data to the logging folder and to the logging database as well for future reference).

You can view these built-in health rule definitions by going to the Monitoring link on the left side of Central Administration and clicking on the "Review rule definitions" link under the Health Analyzer which will bring open a screen like this:

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