Personalize a SharePoint Site with Audiences - Part 1

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8. Define your rule by selected an Operand, Operator and a Value. If you create a User rule, you can define whether the user is a member of the audience based on their manager, or if they belong to a Security group, or a Distribution list. If you select a Property rule, you can perform a comparison with a User Profile property value. In my example, I am defining a rule that will match users who have "Seattle" in the Office property of their Active Directory user profile.

9. Click OK to create the rule.

10. Select Add Rule to repeat Steps #8 and #9 and add additional rules that would apply to your audience. Users are matched to audiences with multiple rules based on your selection in Step #6.

11. Select Compile Audience to match the audience rules to all existing site users with a User Profile.

12. Once your audience is compiled, it will update to show the number of matched users. Verify that the rule compiled, and that the number of members matches your expectation.

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