Personalize a SharePoint Site with Audiences - Part 2

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A common requirement for publishing sites on SharePoint is to personalize the content, menu links, and other site features, based on attributes of the user. For example, the latest company news and events for Sales Associates in California may not be all that relevant to Shipping Agents in South Carolina.


SharePoint Server 2007 and 2010 supports personalization through the use of Audiences, SharePoint Groups, and Security/Distribution Groups. Audiences are a feature of the User Profile Service and provide a significant degree of control over how to define and target content items, web parts, and published navigation links to a set of users based on a set of rules. In this two-part tip series, I will demonstrate how to use Audiences to help personalize your SharePoint sites.

  • In Part 1, I showed how to create and configure a new Audience that can be used to target information to specific users.
  • In Part 2, I will demonstrate how you can use audiences on lists, web parts and publishing navigation links.

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