Document Management with SharePoint 2010 - Part 1

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Next come options to sort and filter the view. We will select to sort the view by document name. You are shown three different options to sort by name, but they will all produce the same result so it doesn't matter which you pick.

As you can see, you can sort by two different columns. We are going to select options to group the view as well, which effectively acts as additional levels of sorting, so you can actually sort by up to four columns.

Sort and filter options for a view 

Filtering allows us to restrict the view to a subset of the documents, similar to the ad hoc filtering we did earlier. Note the options to filter by "[Today]" or "[Me]", which allow you to restrict the view to documents authored by the user, or where (say) an expiry or due date has been passed.

However, for this view, we will show all documents, so leave "Show all items in this view" selected and move down.

There are a number of view option sections which are less commonly used, so Microsoft collapses them by default. We will use the Group By section, so click the plus sign to expand it. Select to group first by Client then by Document type.

Option to group view by columns

Now scroll down to the bottom of the screen and select OK. Your new view will be displayed.

Finished By Client view

Following the same procedure, it is easy to create a view where (for example) the documents are grouped by client city then by client. Select the Create View option in the header again, but this time select By Client under the heading "Start from an existing view". Call the view "By City". Leave the same columns selected, but change the grouping to group by Client:City then Client.

View by city

You couldn't have done this with documents in folders on a file share! Your users can now easily switch between the views using the drop-down in the banner.

Next Steps

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