Searching by Using Enterprise Keywords in SharePoint 2010

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One of the most general requirements we come across is to make enterprise search more compact and effective, providing quick and more accurate results. One of the major problems is to provide the right filters to find a particular record. For instance in a large enterprise environment, searching for a person called Jeffry from the Finance department, is not always a feasible option. Filters may not provide the accurate results for what users are expecting.


To search for particular data as above mentioned, SharePoint provides new feature called "Enterprise Metadata and Keywords". Fundamentally, it allows one to relate a keyword with a particular set of data like list records. When the keyword is searched, the (out of the box) SharePoint search results web part provides the only records who are related to mentioned keyword. To demonstrate this, we have created several similar list items with the same data. Our purpose is to show how normal searching provides results. And after defining the keyword how much more effective the results would be to enterprise users.

We have defined a couple of sample employee list items which contains basic information like Employee name, address, Phone and others.

Now we will use the default search that SharePoint provides. If required, one can even use the SharePoint Search Center as one can get all the web parts preconfigured with the search box. Now we search for a record named "Jeffry" in search box. We have results from all the lists, records and others, as shown below:

The results what we got were not the desired ones.

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