PerformancePoint Dashboard - a Primer

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8. The next step is to use this Report on the Dashboard page. From the Details pane of the Dashboard Designer drag the report object we created on to a zone in the page.

Click for larger image

The Excel Report has been dragged on to the Left Column on the page.

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9. Next we have to deploy the Dashboard page to a SharePoint BI site. Right click dashboard - then click Deploy to SharePoint

Deploy Dashboard

Deploying Dashboard

10. Once the Dashboard is displayed the page opens in browser, here is how the dashboard will be displayed.

Deploy Dashboard

Every Dashboard we deploy will be created as a new folder in the library where we choose to deploy. Multiple pages can be created on a folder.

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We can create a complete Dashboard site with multiple pages, with reports and charts that pull data from various sources. This would be an ideal place for managers to track status/progress of projects, assets, resources, etc. We can create different dashboards based on the target audience and have separate dashboards for the Sales team, the IT team, and project managers, etc.

The Dashboard Designer is an ideal tool to start creating information dashboards in SharePoint 2010 sites and I would recommend users to try the designer and explore the possibilities.

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