Document management with SharePoint - Part 2

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Show the consultants' pictures

In part 1, we set up a document library with documents tagged for the type of document, to which client they relate, and which consultant is responsible for them. We set up views showing documents grouped by client and by client city.

Now, let's create a view that is grouped by consultant. But let's make it a bit more interesting. For starters, why don't we leverage the profile pictures set up in SharePoint and show more information about the consultant with the documents.

With SharePoint 2007, this would have been difficult to achieve, but it's a snap in SharePoint 2010. In any list view, select the Library Settings button on the Library tab.

Library settings button in ribbon

Scroll down to the Columns section and select the Consultant column.

Library settings screen showing columns section

Scroll down to the "Show field:" drop-down which gives lots of different options for how to display this field.

Drop down of options for person display

Let's try the "Name (with picture and details)" option. Select this, then select OK.

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