Document management with SharePoint - Part 2

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Now let's create a view showing the documents grouped by consultant. At the bottom of the Views section of the library settings, select Create view.

Create view option in library settings'

Rather than start from scratch, let's use the existing By Client view as a starting point. Select the link to start from that view.

Create view based on existing view

Type as the view name By Consultant.

Entering the view name

Scroll down to the list of visible columns. Since we are going to group by consultant, we can un-check consultant. Let's check Client and Document type to add them to the view.

Select columns for the view

Scroll down further and expand the Group By section. Change the first grouping to Consultant and the second to None.

Select grouping columns for view

Finally, scroll to the bottom and select OK. Now the view is much friendlier and more personal!

Finished By Consultant view

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