Document management with SharePoint - Part 2

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Flagging items by date

Another thing it can be useful to do is to filter or highlight items in a view where (say) a review date has passed. There are a number of possibilities in SharePoint, like using workflows to send e-mails, but let's just look at what we can do fairly easily with a view.

The first possibility is to use filtering to create a view of overdue documents. For example, let's say that we want to know which documents are in the status "under review" but haven't been modified for more than 30 days, implying someone needs to follow them up. You can set up a view with filters like this:

View filter options to show overdue documents

However, you may also want to show all items including the due date in a view, or color code items based on a due date. The best way to achieve this is to create a calculated column which works out the due date, then filter and format using the calculated column.

First, we need to create another column which will be the modified date plus 30 days. In the document library in SharePoint, select the create column button on the library tab of the ribbon. Enter as the column name 'Review by' and select the type Calculated. Enter a meaningful description.

Screenshot of entering column name and type

For the formula, type the following (to save typing, you can double click the column names in the list on the right at the appropriate point to add them into the formula).

=if([Review status]="Under review",[Modified]+30,"")

If the status of the document is "Under review", this formula returns the date the item was modified plus 30 days. Otherwise, it returns an empty string.

Select the data type Date and Time, and the format Date Only. Leave Add to default view selected.

Screenshot of formula and other settings on create column screen

Select OK. You should now see the new column on the right of the view, with dates for items that are under review.

Updated view showing review by date column

As a last step, let's color-code red documents that have gone beyond their review by date. Once again, select the library tab in the ribbon, and select the option to modify the view in SharePoint Designer.

Click somewhere in one of the rows of data in the view, and select Format Row from the Conditional Formatting button in the Options tab of the ribbon.

Conditional formatting - format row option in SharePoint Designer

We want to flag items where there is a review by date, and it is in the past. So, select the Review by column and the comparison Not Null. Then on the next row, select the Review by column again and the comparison Less Than to select rows where the review by date has passed (the value [Current Date] is filled in automatically when you select a Date field).

Selecting condition review by date less than current date

Select Set Style. Again select a background color. I selected a shade of pink rather than bright red, as people find that ugly and hard to look at.

Selecting background red color format

Select OK.

View with overdue items pink in SPD

Save changes, close SharePoint Designer and return to the view in the browser. Refresh if necessary to see the final result. The document which has passed its review by date is highlighted.

View in browser with overdue items highlighted

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