How to Show or Hide Different Fields on the New, Display and Edit forms Without any Code

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I want to show or hide different list fields in each of the New, Display and Edit forms, based on a user's group membership. I need a "No-Code" solution for this.


SPListDisplaySettings comes to the rescue.

This is a SharePoint feature (for WSS 3.0 and MOSS) that provides advanced settings to customize list form rendering for the New, Display and Edit modes.

I would like to put an emphasis here that the software listed on Codeplex is a community supported code base which is not connected to Microsoft and is provided "AS IS", without warranty of any kind. You are responsible on your own and I strongly recommend to make a thorough testing in a lab or test environment, and always make a backup of your current environment state before implementing the solution. You may also find useful information on the solution webpage, under the discussions board and find helpful information provided from other people that are using or have tried to solution.

To do this task you should have a basic understanding about the following:

  • Creating SharePoint Lists, able to add and remove fields as well as create SharePoint groups.
  • Have permission on your front-end servers to install the feature, deploy and activate it.

Download the installable package from codeplex ( )and run it in on your environment.

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