What-If analysis using SharePoint 2010 Excel Services

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Excel workbooks are published on SharePoint and viewed using the Excel Web Access web part. But the workbook is available in read-only mode when viewed using this web part. A configured Excel workbook can be very well used for developing applications to facilitate a what-if analysis. In this tip we will explore one of the ways to facilitate what-if analysis.


Excel is generally programmed by business users using formulas to derive / calculate values on pre-existing data. This calculation is based on a set of parameters that drive the calculation. Let us try to create an Excel spreadsheet with some data and calculated fields.

Step 1: Using Excel, create a new workbook. Create two fields with the names Value 1 and Value 2 and populate it with some numeric data.

Step 2: Right-click on a column and select "Define name", and name it "Operator". Our intention is to get a calculated value in a field named "Result" based on the selected operator.

Step 3: For the Result field, add the formula as shown in the screenshot below.

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