Recover a deleted SharePoint site or site collection with the *New* Site Recycle Bin

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SharePoint has never provided an easy way for Administrators to recover a deleted site, or site collection. The recycle bin, introduced in SharePoint 2007 and supported on SharePoint 2010, has only supported recovery of list and list items. If a site or site collection was accidently deleted, the only way to recover was to restore the site or site collection from a database backup.


SharePoint 2010 Service Pack 1, released in June 2011, has extended the recycle bin to allow Administrators to recover deleted sites and site collections. In this tip, we will review how to recover sites and site collections from the recycle bin on a SharePoint farm that has been upgraded with Service Pack 1.

For my demonstration, I have created a sample site collection that contains a single sub-site. Let's review how.

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