Accordion and Tab controls using jQuery - Part 2

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In this information intensive world, it sometimes gets difficult for organizations to facilitate a web-site with the home page containing all important information. If there is too much content on the page entered directly, it creates a vertical (or horizontal) scrollbar. Normal Users like to see the content right on the page or with very few obvious clicks. This generates the idea of creating widgets/controls which help content owners to deliver the content in more user-friendly way. There are two very important gadgets worth mentioning: Accordion and Tabs. Let us understand a Tabs widget here. Part 1 illustrates the Accordion object.


A Tabbed control is a control which has two sections:
  • Tabbed buttons: A series of tabs which has associated content in the tabbed content area.
  • Tabbed content: Showing the content of the selected tab.
  • Usage: Tabbed widget boxes have become a popular way to display useful information while conserving valuable screen real estate. A home page of a web site which has a lot of content but no space to place them without avoiding horizontal/vertical scroll bars can be a good example. Similar to the Accordion Panel, a tabbed control can contain data from multiple categories all available to the user at one time.

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