JQuery Image Slider for Announcement List in SharePoint 2007

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There are numerous solutions out there in the web to create a Slideshow web part. But finding one with jQuery was a tough job for me when I started working on this. JQuery was chosen based on the requirement given.


By using jQuery we get a nicer look and more user friendly features for the web part. When I say user-friendly, it means that you can control the number of images you want to scroll, link to the related article through those images, select the announcements to display, select the effect of the movement of Images (e.g.: fade, fold, slice down), change the speed of the sliding action, control the visibility of navigation numbers.

All of the Image Sliderís settings can be changed in the Master Page, and reside in an Announcement list where you store all the information you want to show in this image slider web part.

Usually, the Image Slider WebParts will be used in a company's intranet portal, where information needs to be published in a sliding window to all users of the website.

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