Document management with SharePoint - part 4

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Assigning content types to a library

Now we have the content types, you can just use them as they are by assigning them to one or more document libraries in your site or one of its subsites. The process to assign content types to a library is:

Go to a view of the library. Select the Library Settings button on the Library tab of the ribbon.

Library Settings button in ribbon

Select the Advanced settings link under the General Settings heading.

Advanced Settings link in Library Settings page

Set Allow management of content types? to Yes, then select OK.

Setting to enable management of document types in library

Back on the library settings page, under the (newly appeared) Content Types heading, select the link to Add from existing site content types.

Library settings showing link to add from existing content types

Select the custom group where the content types were created, and select all the child content types to add to the library, then select OK.

Dialog with custom content types selected to add to library

The new content types are now shown on the library settings page.

Library settings showing list of assigned content types

Note that Document is still the default content type. It will appear at the top of the list under the New button in the library, and will be used if the user just clicks the New button itself. To remove Document and force users to use one of the new custom types, you first need to make one of the other content types the default.

Select the link under the Content Types heading Change new button order and default content type. Set "Position from Top" so that one of your custom content types is number 1. De-select Visible for the Document content type.

Settings screen to set order of content types on New button in library

Select OK to apply the change. Document will no longer be an option for users creating items in that library. If you have no items of content type Document in the library, you could completely remove that content type from the library by clicking the link for that content type in library settings and then clicking the link Delete this content type. However, it is generally not necessary to do this.

  • Note that, despite the use of the word "delete", this option will actually only remove that content type from the library. It does not delete the content type from the site content type gallery, or other lists where it is used!

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