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Let's say you have a list with a workflow associated with it. Wouldn't it be great to be able to create a workflow step that assigns a task or sends an email message to different users based on a data field that might change?


Here's an example...Let's say you have a document library with a choice field called "department". Depending on which department is chosen, you want to send an email notification to the department manager that a new document has been uploaded to the document library. Using a SharePoint "Alert" the user might subscribe to get this notice, but they would receive emails about all documents, even ones associated with other departments. So in order to achieve this fine level of granularity, you decide to use a workflow. When the department is chosen during the upload, you want only the department manager in charge of the department to get the notification.

Here is an article (from Microsoft) that demonstrates how to use a custom SharePoint list to dynamically control the sending of an email message to different recipients based on data entered by the user when uploading the document.

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