Programming and Customizations Tips

Accordion and Tab controls using jQuery - Part 1
     Written By: Ved Mishra -- 9/13/2011

Accordion and Tab controls using jQuery - Part 2
     Written By: Ved Mishra -- 9/14/2011

Basic SharePoint branding with themes and CSS
     Written By: Knox Cameron -- 5/31/2011

Cascading Dropdowns on a Browser Enabled Infopath Form along with SharePoint
     Written By: Abin Jaik Antony -- 9/6/2011

Crawled and Managed properties in MOSS 2007
     Written By: Ved Mishra -- 8/31/2011

Create a Custom SharePoint List Definition
     Written By: Hesham Saad -- 9/22/2011

Creating SharePoint 2010 Visual WebParts - Part 1 - Farm Solutions
     Written By: Hesham Saad -- 5/25/2011

Creating SharePoint 2010 Visual WebParts - Part 2 - Sandbox Solutions
     Written By: Hesham Saad -- 5/26/2011

Custom PowerShell Modules for SharePoint
     Written By: Chris Beckett -- 6/7/2011

Deploying a List Definition via Visual Studio .Net 2010
     Written By: Hesham Saad -- 9/27/2011

Document management with SharePoint - Part 2
     Written By: Knox Cameron -- 7/13/2011

Document Management With SharePoint - Part 3
     Written By: Knox Cameron -- 8/24/2011

Document management with SharePoint - part 4
     Written By: Knox Cameron -- 10/6/2011

How To Programmatically Export SharePoint List to Excel
     Written By: Ivan Ivanov -- 7/12/2011

How to programmatically read, add and edit item in a SharePoint list
     Written By: Ivan Ivanov -- 8/30/2011

How to Programmatically Set User And Group Permissions
     Written By: Ivan Ivanov -- 10/5/2011

How to Show or Hide Different Fields on the New, Display and Edit forms Without any Code
     Written By: Ivan Ivanov -- 7/14/2011

How to use Metadata as search parameter in Advance Search Web Part
     Written By: Rahul Mehta -- 9/28/2011

JQuery Image Slider for Announcement List in SharePoint 2007
     Written By: Gayathri Narayanan -- 9/15/2011

Learn to Query the SharePoint List Data Service with LinqPad
     Written By: Chris Beckett -- 9/2/2011

Programmatically Export SharePoint List to Excel and Save it to a Document Library
     Written By: Ivan Ivanov -- 8/9/2011

Regular Expressions OH MY!
     Written By: Rebecca Jones -- 5/12/2011

Reusable code snippet via SharePoint Designer
     Written By: Hesham Saad -- 7/7/2011

Run a Site Workflow with PowerShell and the Windows Task Scheduler
     Written By: Chris Beckett -- 7/5/2011

SharePoint 2010 External lists with BCS for external LOB systems
     Written By: Hesham Saad -- 9/8/2011

Using XML and XSL in SharePoint
     Written By: Ved Mishra -- 7/20/2011

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