IIS Tips

Configure SharePoint Forms Based Authentication to use LDAP
     Written By: Matt Takhar -- 8/10/2010

Configure SharePoint Forms Based Authentication to use SQL user accounts
     Written By: Matt Takhar -- 8/11/2010

Configuring Alternate Access Mapping in SharePoint 2010
     Written By: Edwin Sarmiento -- 3/17/2011

Creating Web Applications, Site Collections and Sites in SharePoint 2010
     Written By: Arshad Ali -- 8/24/2010

How to add PDF icons next to PDF documents in a SharePoint Library
     Written By: Rob Fisch -- 8/19/2010

Opening PDF Files in a Browser from a SharePoint 2010 library
     Written By: Manoj V -- 9/21/2011

Resolving Config Error to run Central Administration
     Written By: MJ Ferdous -- 8/18/2011

Using a host header as a SharePoint site path
     Written By: Rob Fisch -- 2/10/2010

WAN Performance and Kerberos Authentication with SharePoint
     Written By: Knox Cameron -- 12/2/2010

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